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Your body isn’t a series of individual parts doing their own thing. It’s a finely-tuned biological machine. So all the pieces matter when it comes to your health and well-being. What you eat, your lifestyle, your habits and even what kind of shoes you wear.

At Osteopathy Malta, we live and breathe this philosophy each and every day.

Injury and pain are often symptoms of broader issues. Issues which we can help you tackle naturally with the right treatment approach.

That’s why our diagnostic process is so thorough

We don’t look at injuries and pain in isolation. We’ll take a detailed case history and background, and use special tests, visual and manual techniques to get a better sense of your body’s current state. This means we can often identify problems that traditional diagnostic methods might miss.

Care you can take home

Your treatment doesn’t stop at the end of your session. We’ll also recommend further treatment and exercises you can do on your own. That way, you can address the root cause of your problem and avoid having to deal with the same issue over and over again.

A service built around you

You shouldn’t have to feel pain and miss out on your favourite activities for months before finding out what’s wrong. Nor should you have to wait in a reception room for hours to be seen. Our administration team keeps the clinic working like clockwork, and we take pride in seeing all our appointments right on the dot.

Osteopathy Malta Team of Clinicians

Our story

Founded in 2012, Osteopathy Malta is the first osteopathy and complementary health clinic on the islands.

Our main focus is osteopathy, but we also offer other services — physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation, scoliosis assessment and work place ergonomics — designed to help you heal as quickly as possible, manage chronic conditions more effectively and make sure you feel your best.

Because nothing beats the feeling we get when we see our patients make a full recovery, reclaim their health and enjoy their life to the fullest.

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