Sara Quina

B.Sc (Hons.); MSc. Women's Health and Ergonomics Physiotherapist

Sara is experienced in several areas of physiotherapy, but her main passions are women’s health and postural assessment of youths.

Having studied physiotherapy at the University of Aveiro, Sara graduated in 2013 and later also completed a Master’s degree in physiotherapy at the same university.

Sara’s experience as a physiotherapist has compelled her to focus on improving the functional chains of the body as a whole. And over the past few years, she has even integrated ergonomics and occupational health in her practice to effectively target her clients’ problems, as well as improve her own experience and skills.

Fun fact:

Malta is Sara’s first experience far away from home! Before joining OM Clinic, she’d previously always lived, studied and worked in the city of her birth – Aveiro in Portugal.

Languages Spoken

PGreat Britain English
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