Marco Coccia

Osteopath and Exercise Physiologist

Marco Coccia

Hailing from Italy, Marco’s skills are a result of extensive training and experience. Marco has qualifications in biomechanics, exercise physiology and rehabilitation, and has recently completed his degree in Osteopathy. Marco has extensive experience with helping patients through their rehabilitation process by developing tailor-made, well-structured and graded exercise programmes. He combines an approach of traditional Osteopathy and Manual therapy, together with his vast experience in Exercise Therapy to provide a complete solution to many musculoskeletal conditions. Before joining Osteopathy Malta, he worked at leading clinics in Italy and Australia.

Fun fact: Marco can wow you with his grasp of the Maltese language

Registered as an Osteopath with the Council for Professions Complementary to Medicine (CPCM)

Languages Spoken



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