Kitti Lepp

BSc. (Hons.) MSc. (Complex Rehab) - Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiotherapist

Kitti is qualified in physiotherapy, with Masters training in advanced muscoskeletal rehabilitation. She is highly skilled in spinal rehabilitation, which helps with core activation in cases of disc herniation.

Kitti is determined to bring the best out of her patients. To do so, she delved into her passion in her Masters, culminating in her 2019 thesis study on “The Scapular Dyskinesis Study and Intervention in Basketball Players and Water Polo Players”, which was published in the scientific journal Movement Training Supplement. 

With an intention to deepen her knowledge about complex rehabilitation, Kitti was consequently invited by her university to pursue PhD studies.

Apart from her academic achievements, Kitti shows great compassion, understanding and patience – from which her patients at OM Clinic benefit every day, especially those with chronic pain conditions.

Fun fact:

Never one to sit still for too long, Kitti is also a qualified Aerobics instructor.

Languages Spoken

Great Britian English

Hungary Hungarian

Services Offered

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