Would you like to find a solution for your persistent running injuries?

Osteopaths are highly trained professionals who will look at the body’s structure and understand the root cause of the injury. In conjunction with other therapies, you may be just a step away from preventing or resolving persistent running injuries for good!


If the answer is “YES”, then enjoy this special opportunity – for Bingemma National Mountain Running 2019 participants only – 

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Running places great demands on the joints and ligaments. Incorrect technique may often be the culprit for many repetitive strain injuries such as shin splints, runner’s knee and recurrent hamstring strains.

Osteopaths are highly trained to detect the underlying causes of such injuries and use skilled manipulative techniques to work on muscles, joints and ligaments.

By using skilled manipulation of the spine and joints, osteopaths will address biomechanical causes of persisting injuries. In conjunction with the work done with other therapies such as exercise rehabilitation and electrotherapy, results can be more long term. In fact, today osteopathy often forms part of the medical team supporting a good number of olympic teams and top athletes.

Osteopaths work with athletes, coaches and other medical practitioners in optimising and managing performance whilst managing risk of injury.