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Mathilde Duchemin

Mathilde qualified after 5 years full-time studies and achieved her Masters in Osteopathy at the renowned school of osteopathy  CEESO in Paris. Her thesis title was « Optimisation of vocal parameters on professional opera singer» 

During her studies, she worked as a carer with disabled persons (paraplegia and hemiplegia)  where she gained a better understanding of the capacities of adaptation of the body and the importance of body mobility. 

After qualifying, she worked from 2011 – 2016 in private practices in different regions in France. She gained experience working with people from all walks of life: from new borns to elderly, artists (singers, musicians), sportspeople, and acute and chronic pain conditions. 

Mathilde was also involved in various charities, namely with disabled children ( « EHEO » NGO), homeless persons (« peniche du coeur Paris ») and in women’s health. 


Clinical interests:

Mathilde has special interest in everything involving pregnancy and childbirth: support around pregnancy for women: maximise the body’s ability to change and suport baby, management of pregnancy discomfort/pain (lower back, shoulder, insomnia, swelling, fatigue …), preparation for delivery, postnatal adjustment, and for new borns : check-up, optimization of body mobility for balanced development, digestive issues etc. 

Mathilde has a very gentle, yet effective use of structural joint techniques involving manipulation, muscular and fascial work and cranial approaches and is highly interested and experienced also on pain management in chronic conditions ( osteoarthrosis, fibromyalgia …)

-2013-2015 : Conducted POst-Graduate Research in Health  and Social Sciences. Thesis topic : «  Co-working between occidental and traditional medecine in the Kallawayas (Andes,Bolivia) 


Mathilde enjoys hiking, swimming, travelling and anthropology. 

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