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Sport is a great way to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is team sport or individual sport, it helps bond people together in a healthy environment. Many can be put off by too many injuries, which are often caused by poor training techniques and biomechanical issues. Osteopathy will not only treat the problem area, but will also look at the whole body and aim to localise the root cause of the problems. They may advise on diet, training modification, as well as offer hand on treatment to correct areas of decreased mobility and thereby improve function.

Problems such as Achilles tendonitis, iliiotibial band friction syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, piriformis syndrome and shoulder rotator cuff tendonitis which are mostly a result of overuse and are generally preventable, are just a few of the conditions which osteopaths encounter on a daily basis.

In Osteopathy we ensure that the structural abnormalities possibly leading to the injuries are corrected, thereby reducing the likelihood of them recurring – a very important aspect when aiming to perform better in sport.

Both Anne Söffken and Robert Grech are trained in Kinesio Taping Methods and may use taping as part of the overall treatment.